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Suzanne Charles - Cosmetic Dentistry Patient

by vectorvestalert
February 3rd, 2014


Suzanne Charles has always had problems with discoloration of her teeth, which made her feel self-conscious. Dr. Griffin recommended LUMINEERSĀ® to solve her problem, and she is very happy with the results. She said that she used to have problems with confidence, but now she tends to smile a lot and enjoys being around people because she knows she has a pretty smile. She recommends Advanced Dental Center to her friends and anyone interested in LUMINEERSĀ®.


I actually came to Dr. Griffin and had Lumineers. Dr. Griffin did my Lumineers. I've always had problems with discoloration on my teeth. They've always bothered me and bothered my self-conscious. I actually spoke with him and he encouraged me and said that it would be a very good procedure to do that instead of doing what else I was thinking about, which was bleaching. I've heard very good reviews about it, and I actually came here for my regular cleanings and all, so then I decided to do the Lumineers here, also. Yes, I'm very happy with my results of my Lumineers. Before, with my teeth, I was very discouraged, and I didn't have any confidence with the way that my teeth looked. So now I tend to smile a lot, and I really enjoy going and being around people and speaking with people now because I have such a pretty smile. I would rate the experience a ten out of ten. They did a fantastic job. All of his workers are very nice. I just enjoy coming to the dentist here. Yes, I would definitely recommend Advanced Dental Center. I've actually recommended it to a bunch of my friends who have also thought about getting the Lumineers. I enjoy working with Dr. Griffin and Shelly, especially because both of them did my procedure. They were really patient with me and worked with me through it since it was such a long procedure.

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