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Ashley Smith - Cosmetic Dentistry Patient

by vectorvestalert
February 3rd, 2014


Ashley Smith's teeth were discolored, decayed and she was in danger of severe tooth loss. Dr. Griffin treated her with veneers, crowns and a bridge placement. She said she was very nervous, but rates the overall experience a "10." She felt no pain through the procedures and is very happy with the care she received. She says her teeth look healthy, beautiful and bright and she can't stop smiling to show them off. Many people referred her to Dr. Griffin, and she describes him as "the best."


Dr. Griffin performed my procedure. I had veneers and crowns put on, and a bridge placed. I was very, very nervous about it. But with him and his assistant, I had no problem getting through it. Over the years, I've worn braces and everything else. My teeth were discolored, decayed, over and over and over. If I hadn't done it when I did do it, they would've been gone before I could save them. So, just getting them back healthy, beautiful, bright, it's just amazing. A lot of people referred me here. My mom was actually a patient of Dr. Griffin's also. He's the best. You can count on him. They make sure every single detail is there to perfection. As soon as he got done, I just cried. I was like, "They're beautiful. That's what I've been waiting for. I feel amazing." My mom looked at me the other day and said, "You just cannot stop smiling." I said, "No, they're too beautiful not to smile." Even my little girl, she says, "You're so pretty!" I'm on cloud nine right now. So the overall experience, I would rate it a ten. From feeling no pain through the whole procedure, them checking on me, making sure I was good, did I have any questions, how to keep them healthy, how to floss, everything. They went through every detail you could possibly want to know. Yes, I would definitely recommend my family and friends to Advanced Dental Center. From walking in the door, you feel like family. You feel at home. You're at ease. Everything's wonderful.

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