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Suzanne's LUMINEERSĀ® Story

by vectorvestalert
March 7th, 2014


Suzanne was always bothered by how her teeth looked. When she came in for her regular check-ups with Dr. Griffin, he would speak to her about LUMINEERSĀ® and how they could help her. She finally felt confident to go forward, and says Dr. Griffin did a fantastic job. Now she loves her smile!


Suzanne: I came to Advanced Dental Center to actually have my Lumineers done because Dr. Griffin actually spoke with me about whenever I'd come here for my regular check-ups. And he actually went through and explained it all to me and made me feel very confident about it because I've always had trouble with my teeth. They've always really bothered me on how they look, so once I came and Dr. Griffin did my Lumineers, he did a fantastic job and now I just love my smile. Announcer: Call now 843-629-8000.

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