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March 11th, 2014


Dr. Emery has three children she loves, and she thinks of Sugar Fix Dental Loft as her "fourth baby." She is passionate about her work. Dr. Emery is always thinking about teeth, because she loves creating and designing smiles. One of her favorite things to say to patients is, "I can make you love your smile!"


[music] Dr. Jessica Emery: I'm a wife, a mother to three beautiful children, a sister and friend. I love my family. I love my daughter Morgan, I love my daughter Paige, and I love my little guy, Blake. I love dentistry. I love teeth. I love smiles. I'm Dr. Jessica Emery, owner and founder of Sugar Fix Dental Loft. I always refer to Sugar Fix Dental Loft as my "fourth child," my fourth baby. So, I try to spread my time between work, which really isn't work, it's play. I get to play with people all day, and look at smiles, and smile create and design which I love. And then go home and spend time with my family. I try to get away when I can. I get down to the beach and I really love sinking my toes in that hot sand. It's where I do my best thinking. I'm always thinking about teeth. I'm always talking about teeth. I pride myself in the relationships I have with my patients, and to make someone smile is a gift. And I'm just truly passionate about it. I can make you love your smile. [music]

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