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A Cosmetic Dentist offering Comprehensive Care

by jaylajmo
April 2nd, 2014


PGA Dentistry provides complete dental care in one state-of-the-art facility, including root canals, periodontal care, cosmetic dentistry and implant surgery. IV sedation is offered to help relax fearful patients, who are also made comfortable by the calming office environment and TLC from the staff. Several happy patients describe the beautiful new smile they are enjoying after treatment by Dr. Ajmo.


Dr. Ajmo: At PGA Dentistry we offer complete care in one office. What that means is that we offer all the procedure here in our state-of-the-art facility. We're equipped to perform root canal treatment, extractions, periodontal therapy, also cosmetics and implant surgery. What we offer here at PGA Dentistry is IV sedation, where we can take a patient who's fearful of the dentist, or has had bad experiences in the past, and we can help them get through these procedures. Depending on what their needs are, we can handle all of those procedures here in one office. Amy Oakes: Once they walk through the door of our office they will feel instant comfort from the waiting room to being greeted by the front desk and once we get them in to the back and we're able to spend time with them, by the time Dr. Ajmo gets in the room, I think patients are already pretty calm and they're open to receiving the doctor's thoughts and feelings about what treatment they need. Female patient: The first time I met Dr. Ajmo I felt very comfortable. He had a very kind face and a very soft voice, and he reassured me that he could give me everything that I wanted and I was very excited to come back and have him do the work. Male patient: I wanted to feel confident in the way I looked. Dr. Ajmo did that. It was an amazing transformation. Female patient: I'm in love with my smile. Male patient: Every time I walk by some mirror in my house now I have to smile real big just to make sure it's still as white as it was yesterday. Dr. Ajmo: We service patients at a level of care that's much higher than most regular dental offices. Our decor is designed to keep patients relaxed and comfortable. Female patient: I feel really good about myself. I'm not afraid to take a picture anymore. I smile more. I'm smiling all the time. I'm smiling all the time. Dr. Ajmo: Not only is our team giving them the extra TLC, but our office environment makes them feel welcome, and that's what we offer at PGA Dentistry.

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