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Dental Implants

by Andrew R. Glenn M.D. D.D.S.
April 8th, 2014


Dr. Andrew Glenn offers both traditional dental implants and mini implants for patient convenience. Dental implants offer a number of benefits, including life-long support and a natural look and feel. Implants are an outstanding dental solution to replace missing or severely decayed teeth.


Traditional implants are analogous to the root of a tooth. They are proportional in surface area to the tooth or system of teeth that used to exist in the area. Mini implants are simply smaller. We offer both traditional implants and mini implants. Mini implants are typically used for denture stabilization. Traditional dental implants can be used in a variety of methods. Simply put, any patient that is either missing all of their teeth or has a situation in which their remaining teeth are not restorable are candidates for implant dentures and fully supported implant prosthesis. Some patients have a single missing tooth, some patients have a series of missing teeth. We will occasionally remove teeth and place implants in the same setting. Oftentimes, it's advantageous to let the area heal. Some teeth are surrounded by a socket that is damaged and needs to be reconstructed with some form of bone grafting material. There are dozens and dozens of ways of transitioning the patient from a missing tooth and damaged tooth to a restored condition. Ideally, just like caring for a natural tooth, brush, floss. One specific advantage is that implants can never decay. You'll never have to have a cavity in a dental implant restoration. Patients with implant-supported dentures will care for them, again, much like a patient with a natural denture would. They will require removal, some maintenance and replacement. They will also need to follow up with their primary dentist on a semi- frequent basis to have cleaning done professionally where their toothbrush and floss can't reach.