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Teeth Next Day®

by jaylajmo
April 2nd, 2014


Patients with failing teeth or bad dental work can have a new smile in a single day with Teeth Next Day® at PGA Dentistry. Dr. Ajmo performs extractions, places dental implants and attaches new teeth the same day. He uses zirconia, the strongest and most naturally aesthetic material available in dentistry, creating new teeth that will not chip, crack or stain, and can last a lifetime.


Dr. Ajmo: Teeth Next Day® is a very new procedure that we offer here in our office, where we can take somebody with either failing teeth or bad dental work and in one day we can remove their bad teeth, place dental implants, and securely attach new teeth to the dental implants. And they can walk in here with bad teeth and within a day have a new set of teeth that allows them to speak and smile and be socially active. Zirconia is such a unique material that we're using in dentistry today. It is the strongest, most naturally aesthetic material we can use to restore somebody's mouth with dental implants. It will maintain its color. It will not chip. It will not crack. In many cases it could last the rest of their life and it will look the same as the day we put it in. That's absolutely amazing, so we're really proud of it. Male patient: I had very serious problems and I came to the realization about a year or so ago that I was going to have to do something. As part of my research I realized that PGA Dentistry looked to me like the place to go. It feels so natural and it feels like my real teeth more and more everyday. It really has changed my whole outlook. I just couldn't be more thrilled. I don't know how else to say it. I'm just thrilled to death. [laughs] Female patient: Life, before I had the work done, was very hard. I was missing a lot of teeth. I covered my mouth a lot. I would never smile. It was just very, very embarrassing. Now I feel very happy. Everybody always tells me what a beautiful smile I have. I smile all the time. I talk all the time. So I'm very confident now. Dr. Ajmo changed my smile and he changed my life. Dr. Ajmo: That's the gift that I get back, is that when I see a patient who has been suffering or been embarrassed to smile, and I give them a smile that they're proud of, they just glow. And they really just go out and expand themselves in really an amazing way.

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