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Support Staff

by Andrew R. Glenn M.D. D.D.S.
April 8th, 2014


The staff at Dr. Andrew Glenn's practice are knowledgeable in oral maxillofacial care and can help make your experience optimally comfortable. Warm, prompt and professional, they are here to answer all your questions and ensure your appointments run smoothly. The office is also in a great location near several other dental practices for your convenience.


We've been in this office since October of 2005. I literally took a map of Lincoln, marked out where every referring, potential referral dentist was located and this was an ideal geographic location. There are a lot of good dentist in the surrounding [spot]. Our support staff is in my opinion second to none. Oral surgery is difficult because it's a lot of dentistry and a lot of medicine combined. It's hard to find people that are able to juggle both balls at the same time. They do a great job of it. Our back office staff and the direct managing of patient care, they've been with me for a long time. They act as my other hand during surgery, and I'd trust my own family to them any day.