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Claire - LASIK Patient

by jklaser2
April 18th, 2013


Listen to what patient Clare Garza has to say about her experience with Dr. John Kung and his staff at his Eye Care Center in Staten Island. Claire received LASIK surgery 12 years ago and received excellent results. She was pleased with Dr. John Kung's bedside manner and perosnalized care.


My name is Claire Garza and 12 years ago I came to Dr. Kung for Lasik surgery. I had it done, saw beautifully, needed no contacts or no glasses, and it was like a miracle. When you get up off the table, I could see the clock. I was wearing glasses, so every morning when you wake up you grab for the glasses in order to see, so it was fantastic, the difference. Since I have had three different problems with my eyes, Dr. Kung has taken care of all of them, wonderfully. The staff is great. I have no concerns that I will be losing my sight, thanks to him. I just would recommend it to anybody that has any kind of eye problems to come see Dr. Kung. Even though I live an hour and a half away, I still come here. As I said, every three months I came, now I come every four months. He is just a wonderful person, caring and I just won't go to anyone else. I'm very thankful for him, for saving my eyesight, and if anyone has a problem with their eyes they should come see Dr. Kung and he would take care of them. I mean how do you thank someone for saving your eyesight? You know what I am saying? To me a doctor could have just said, "Okay, see you." But he was caring enough and concerned enough, that he just saw a little something to say, "Let's take pictures and let's come back and see." So I may have my eyesight the rest of my life, thanks to Dr. Kung.

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