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by James Slaman
January 10th, 2017




At Dr. Slaman and Associates, we utilize the latest technology to enhance our diagnostic ability. One of the unique tools that we use in our practice is cone beam imagery. Cone beam imagery provides a three-dimensional image of the exact area that we're looking to treat. It aids us in evaluating patients to see if they're a candidate for implants. Also allows us to evaluate airway for patients who might be at risk for sleep apnea. From the 3-D information that we are able to obtain from the cone beam, we can also fabricate surgical guides for the precise placement of dental implants. We use CAD/CAM technology to design and fabricate crowns in a single visit. We use a digital scanner to make a computer model of your teeth. On the computer model, we are able to design your crown. And using computer aided milling, we are able to mill the crown on site and deliver the crown the same day. Utilizing modern technology, we're able to eliminate guesswork that's associated doing dentistry only with two-dimensional imagery. We're able to precisely identify important anatomical structures utilizing the latest imaging technology. Incorporating the latest technology allows us to safely and predictably provide the most comprehensive dentistry available today. If you'd like more information about the technology we utilize in our practice, please contact us for a free consultation.

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