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"What Fertility Specialists Say About Preparing for Treatment"

by Denver Fertility Albrecht Women's Care
May 10th, 2019
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Dr. Albrecht was recently featured in Theralogix blog titled"What Fertility Specialists Say About Preparing for Treatment." In the post, Dr. Albrecht discusses recommendvitamin supplements to improve fertility.

Here is a snippet:

5. Take certain nutritional supplements for egg and sperm quality.

"Taking a high-quality prenatal or preconception supplement with folate and other nutrients is one of the most important things you can do to prepare for pregnancy. In addition to taking a prenatal, research indicates that taking certain nutrients may improve egg quality for women, and sperm quality for men.

Dr. Lindsay Wells of Audubon Fertility and Reproductive Medicine states, “To boost one’s diet towards egg or sperm health, we recommend select Theralogix supplements on top of the well-balanced diet.”

Dr. Bruce Albrecht of Denver Fertility and Albrecht Women’s Care adds, “I believe that nature has provided us with all of the proper nutritional ingredients needed for a healthy life and maximal reproductive potential. Unfortunately, the modern American diet is far from meeting those requirements. I encourage patients to adopt a more fertility-friendly diet, and I believe that CoQ10, inositol, vitamin D and omega-3 supplements are very important adjuncts to maximize fertility. The Theralogix supplements fit very well with my nutritional recommendations to patients. I ask 100% of my patients to be on some combination of these supplements.”

Read the article in entirety here. For more information on lifestyle changes that can postively impactfertility call for a consultation 720-420-1570 or attend one of our special events.

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